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How to Stand Up and Be Counted

If we haven’t learned to stand for something, we will fall for anything. When two people are in love they want the world to know. So they have an engagement and then a wedding service sometime later.


How does Jesus say we should stand up for Him? Matthew 10:32


What public ceremony should we use to let the world know we belong to Jesus? Matthew 28:19-20


On the day of Pentecost, how did Peter tell people to show their repentance? Acts 2:38


How important is baptism for the repentant person? John 3:5


Who did Jesus say would be saved in the kingdom? Mark 16:16


What did Paul do when he understood God’s plan of salvation? Acts 22:16


What happens when an individual is baptized? Galatians 3:27

Would you like to pray this simple prayer?

Dear God, I want to stand up and be counted with You. I want to be strong in Your power. I want to be baptized just as your Son, Jesus, was baptized and be declared Your child. Amen