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The Key to Life-Changing Power

Are you one of those persons who considers the Bible to be an outdated book written by ordinary men and too mysterious to be understood? Are you thinking that its principles are far removed from everyday life?

Forget anything you ever believed along those lines because you are about to enter a new world of powerful revelation that will perform wonders in your life.

You will gain insight into how to become prosperous, overcome fear, worry, and bad habits, increase your awareness of the needs of others, achieve better health, and make you more attractive to those around you.


What did Jesus say about the Word of God? John 17:17


What did Jesus say the truth would do for you? John 8:32


What does the Bible say about Scripture? 2 Timothy 3:16


How do ‘God-breathed’ words differ from ours? John 6:63


What happens when we diligently study the Bible? Matthew 13:23