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Often thought of as involving only the raising of money, the true ministry of stewardship is helping believers become disciples of Christ in the use of all the resources God has provided. This includes the management of one’s body, material possessions, abilities and time. The recognition of God’s ownership leads to financial faithfulness. This faithfulness is manifested in returning an honest tithe and thank offerings to God for His abundant provision and His sustaining power.
The ministry of stewardship can best be described in the following ways: The systematic sharing of stewardship principles with church members is the most important phase of the stewardship leader’s responsibilities. This involves the planning and implementation of a stewardship education program, assisting the pastor on World Stewardship Day in December, planning and/or conducting stewardship classes, tithe and offering education during worship, and teaching stewardship concepts during Sabbath School, in new member classes, midweek meetings and on other occasions.