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A Sign of Something Wonderful

Here is an amazing truth; Jesus made the world (John 1:3). Now, here is another fantastic truth, only a Creator can save because salvation is a divine act; it is a recreation. In this life, we have signs or markers to show possession. Some men and women wear rings to show that they are married. States and countries have boundaries. Because of this fact, it is altogether appropriate for Jesus to have a sign to show that He is our Savior, Creator, and Redeemer.


What does the Bible have to say about this sign? Ezekiel 20:12


What day does Jesus call His day? Mark 2:27-28


What kind of day does the Lord call the Sabbath? Isaiah 58:13


When was the Sabbath made? Genesis 2:1-3


What example did Jesus give us regarding the seventh day? Luke 4:16


Jesus left us an example that we should follow. Did His disciples follow His example and keep the Sabbath? Acts 18:4


What day will God’s people worship on in the new earth? Isaiah 66:22-23


Shouldn’t Christians keep Sunday in honor of the resurrection of Jesus? No. The Bible tells us what we should do to honor the resurrection of Jesus. - Colossians 2:12


When Christians practice things that are not in the Bible, what does Jesus have to say about their worship? Matthew 15:9

Would you like to pray this simple prayer?

Dear God, I have read in my Bible that your Sabbath is the seventh day of the week and that you have it to show that you are my Creator and Redeemer. Help me to arrange my weekly schedule, so I will keep the sign as you intended. Amen.