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Church Treasury

Finances are an integral part of the ministry of the laity. A person with integrity and business skills is elected as church treasurer with the important responsibility for local church finances. The work of the church treasurer is sometimes not recognized as a ministry because it is done behind the scenes. Nevertheless, it is a specialized, vital ministry in which the treasurer exercises his or her spiritual gifts. The whole congregation benefits indirectly from the work of the treasurer.

The duties of the ministry to which a person is called when he or she works in the treasury department can be described in the following ways: (1) Collect tithes and offerings; (2) Receipting all funds received; (3) banking funds; (4) Record-keeping and forwarding the church records to the conference; (5) providing receipts for tithes and offerings given by members; (6) disbursing funds for ordinary church operation; (7) preparing financial statements for distribution to the church board.