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Audio Visual

2020-04-04 Livestreams and Study Material

April 4, 2020

There are three ways in which you can access Divine Service: Live Streaming, Facebook Live and the Belvedere Prayer Line. To access our live stream: * Proceed to https://www.belvederesdachurch.org * Scroll to the middle of the page and click LIVE STREAM To access Facebook Live: * Log onto Facebook. * Search for Atlanta Belvedere SDA Church and the live stream should appear. * If you have friended Belvedere, the live stream should appear in your feed To access the Prayer Line: * Dial 1605-475-6700 * Enter the access code: 8732849# when prompted. * Follow the prompt to be joined to the conference. * Once joined, immediately MUTE your phone. * In order to speak, you will unmute your phone. * Once finished speaking, immediately MUTE your phone again. * To leave the conference, simply hang up.